Israel Study Expedition:

Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE]

God’s Kingdom — A Kingdom of Intimacy

The 7-10 day Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE] is designed for anyone who is seeking personal freedom to live in new dimensions of intimacy with Yeshua. The week is set apart for you.

Set apart for you to find your place as one who bears The Light of God’s Heavenly Kingdom here upon the earth. Take time to come to The Wilderness where God is our teacher.

He brought the Israelites out of Egypt into the stillness of the Wilderness so He could cleanse them of the ways of the world and teach them His ways. In the vastness of the naked hills, there were no distractions. In the silence of the Midbar (wilderness), they could hear His voice.

In this week set apart from distractions, you will have time to listen for His voice when you study His Word and walk among the hills of this very same Wilderness. You will realize who you are in service within His Kingdom. Through study, prayer, intercession, worship, joy, and intimacy with the King, and with each other, you will learn to become a light bearer of the Kingdom, as you allow the gospel to be manifested in your life.


In the stillness of the Midbar,
we are given ears to hear and eyes to see.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
Mark 4:9



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