Foundations Rediscovered: Online Course

Foundations Rediscovered is an on-line course produced by Torah Resources International. We are endeavouring to help Bible students to rediscover the precious foundations of their faith, which are deeply rooted in the fabric of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The course material emphasizes the continuing authority that the Torah [The Five Books of Moses] has for all serious students of the Word of God.

In addition, you will also discover foundational truths of what it means to be a New Creation in Messiah.  As you progress through each week’s lesson, you will learn the basic principles of effective Bible study that will enhance your personal study for a lifetime.

This program is our attempt to begin, as participants in the covenants of Israel, the restoration of the biblical foundations of our faith in Messiah Yeshua. It is our hope that students will gain a greater depth of understanding of the Scriptures and Yeshua, as well as how we were created to live, reflecting the principles of the Torah with grace and integrity in our life's journey.


General Course Outline

  • Our Foundation - The roots and foundation of our faith in Messiah.

  • The Torah - It's Function and Design.

  • The Unified Word of God - A study on the nature of Progressive Revelation and Biblical Continuity.

  • Messiah and the Torah - What Yeshua taught concerning the Scriptures of Israel.

  • Messiah, the Living Torah - How Yeshua lived out the teaching of the Torah.

  • The Covenant Connection - A study on the importance of covenants in the Scriptures and in our lives.

  • The Covenants of Israel - A comparison of the four covenants God made with Abraham and his covenantal descendants.

  • The Mo'adim: God's Appointed Times - A study on the special times and seasons described in Leviticus 23 and their relevance in our modern lives.

When you register for the course, you will have access to a total of 16 lessons. You can do each lesson at your own pace. There is no time limit and you can access each lesson multiple times. 

In consideration of the ongoing financial situation, we will continue to offer the course for €100 + €10 processing fee. This is essentially €6.25 per lesson.

[Due to the constraints of the course software, we are not able to offer a monthly payment schedule, but this is essentially obtainable through your credit card.] 

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