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Torah Resources International is an organization comprised of individuals who are seriously committed to knowing Yeshua as the Living Word and Messiah by studying the entire Torah, from Genesis through Revelation. We are a group of teachers and authors who seek to promote the biblically Hebraic concepts of the Torah with the hope that people will gain a greater depth of understanding of Yeshua, as well as how we were created to live.

We invite you to participate in this challenging and exciting learning process with us that you too might catch a glimpse of the truth that the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, are truly darche noam, ways of pleasantness for all who take hold of them. 

Upcoming Holiday -- Hanukkah:  12--20 December

If the Maccabees had not chosen to put their very lives on the line and stand with God and His commandments and fight to preserve their freedom of worship of Him, what do you think would have ultimately happened?

 Because certain people chose to fight to maintain their way of life serving God and not assimilate into the increasingly dominating Greek society, their dedication and God's supernatural intervention led to the real miracle of Hanukkah:  the victory of an overwhelmingly outnumbered small group of Jews over their enemies which ensured the survival of a people set apart for God.

The formal acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel by a world power, is a vivid testimony to God’s sovereignty over what has been an increasing movement throughout the world to obliterate the nation chosen by God to reveal His truths to the nations. Yet, we are reminded this year, once again just before Hanukkah, that though many seek to quench the light of the people of God, the God of Israel remains sovereign and faithful to the protection of His people, and the nation that He has called to be set apart to reflect His light throughout the world.

Those of us who are faithful to the God of Israel are each a small light in the midst of a great darkness, but if all the single lights stand together with God, we become a blazing torch that can withstand anything, and this is the true miracle beginning to come forth.

Happy Hanukkah

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Here is what ADONAI says: 

"Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask about the ancient paths,
'Which one is the tov way?'
Take it, and you will find rest for your beings.


Dear Students of God’s Word,

If you see any printed material circulating that you do not find available on one of our web sites, it is unofficial. If the printed material has been translated from English to another language, whoever did that translation of our teaching, did not do this together with us and we did not check the translation to see if it is what we teach or not. Please be advised. And if you see such a work circulating, please contact us at:
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Online Course: Foundations Rediscovered
This is TRI’s Torah Institute’s first online course. We are endeavouring to help Bible students to rediscover the precious foundations of their faith, which are deeply rooted in the fabric of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The course material emphasizes the continuing authority that the Torah [The Five Books of Moses] has for all serious students of the Word of God.
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Torah Portion from Briteinu Miketz מקצ

One Man’s Guilt

In the previous parasha we stressed that the life of Joseph was a life that visibly demonstrated the revelation of the sovereignty of God. This week’s sidra continues that same thought — just as the whole story of Joseph does. However, our perspective in this week’s commentary will focus on some of the seemingly little, human things which greatly affect the outcome of the story. As always we need to keep in mind whose hand is guiding men.

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From the Haftarah

Asking the Right Question

The haftarah, Kings 3:15–4:1, is one of the best known stories in the entire Tanakh. It is the story of the two women who each claimed to be the mother of the same child. They brought the child to King Solomon because they heard that he was just and wise. In order to ascertain who was the real mother, Solomon ordered the child to be cut in half. At that point, one of the women volunteered to give the child to the other woman rather than see the child killed (which Solomon was not really going to do!). The other mother, however, was more willing to see the child die than give up her claim to him. Solomon decided in favour of the woman who voluntarily gave up the baby so that he could live no matter who the mother would be. The story implies that this was, indeed, the genuine mother of that baby.

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“Should,” “Must,” or “Have To”

Our hearts want to communicate something that we think is important. In our exploration of the non-Jewish person’s relationship to the Torah, we have scrupulously avoided the use of “must,” “should,” and “have to,” as these ideas are completely inappropriate to the issues at hand.

The use of such words tends to open the door wide to the possibility of legalism taking over. By “legalism,” we mean the belief that adherence to the Torah is a requirement for obtaining, and/or maintaining, one’s justification before God. 

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New from TRI!

Studies in the Book of Joshua by Ariel Berkowitz


Studies in the Book of Joshua describes God’s covenants in action among the ancient Israelites.

God relates to His people within a covenant relationship. It is brought up repeatedly throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It is in understanding the nature of the covenant He has made with His people, that we then understand the nature of His relationship with His people.

In this personal study booklet, Studying Joshua, we are afforded an opportunity to see God’s covenants in action among the ancient Israelites. We will study how Israel was granted the right to claim the Promised Land, because it was the Land promised to them by the Holy One through a covenant promise.

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