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Torah Resources International is an organization comprised of individuals who are seriously committed to knowing Yeshua as the Living Word and Messiah by studying the entire Torah, from Genesis through Revelation. We are a group of teachers and authors who seek to promote the biblically Hebraic concepts of the Torah with the hope that people will gain a greater depth of understanding of Yeshua, as well as how we were created to live.

We invite you to participate in this challenging and exciting learning process with us that you too might catch a glimpse of the truth that the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, are truly darche noam, ways of pleasantness for all who take hold of them.

Upcoming Holiday -- Purim -- 4, 5 March, 5, 6 Adar

While Purim is a time of celebration that the Holy One saved His people from annhilation in times past, this year we are once again facing an existential threat from the Persian kingdom. It is extrememly interesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be addressing the US Congress on the day before the Fast of Esther and Purim. Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote an intriguing article pointing this out. Please read and pass on to anyone you think might be interested in praying for Prime Minister Netanyahu and his time before Congress. This is one very appropriate time to use the often over-used phrase, "For such a time as this." Hag Purim Sameach.

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Simply Literal for February, Exodus 40, is now available. All past issues are available.

Simply Literal

TRI is very pleased to bring you the study resource, “Simply Literal.” Each month, we offer translations and translation notes on Torah texts in a manner that is consistent with the “peshat” meaning of the text. “Peshat” is the Hebrew word for the literal, plain, historical sense of a verse. Our translations and notes attempt to bring you into contact with the words and meanings that were intended by the authors.
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Shoreshim Publishing Inc. is relaunching under new leadership as the official publishing house for Torah Resources International (TRI) and the upcoming Table Talk (TT) business to provide individual Torah study materials and online study resources for TRI students. Please click on the link below to visit the new website and see what is available to order to enhance your Torah studies.

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Here is what ADONAI says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask about the ancient paths, 'Which one is the tov way?' Take it, and you will find rest for your beings.
Online Course: Foundations Rediscovered
This is TRI’s Torah Institute’s first online course. We are endeavouring to help Bible students to rediscover the precious foundations of their faith, which are deeply rooted in the fabric of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The course material emphasizes the continuing authority that the Torah [The Five Books of Moses] has for all serious students of the Word of God.
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Torah Portion from Briteinu – Ki Tisa – כי תשא


Did Israel Sin?

The parasha this week is a busy one. It begins with establishing Israel’s first taxation system, then continues with teaching about Bezalel, Shabbat, the golden calf, and finishes with Moshe’s face shining after the Lord gives him a second copy of the Torah.

The major feature of this parasha is the account of the new family’s first serious difficulty — the golden calf incident. As we explore Ki Tisa we shall see how the Lord, the Husband, handles His unfaithful spouse. At the end, we shall get a glimpse not only of Moshe’s shining face, but also of the remarkable grace of a Husband who loves His wife unconditionally. 

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From the Haftarah

The Consequences of Covenant Unfaithfulness 

This haftarah consists of one of the thrilling stories from the episodes of Elijah the prophet, found in 1 Kings chapters 17–19, 21 and 2 Kings chapter 1. The story contained within Haftarat Ki Tisa is, perhaps, one of the better-known tales of this great prophet of God. It is the story of how Elijah challenged the wicked King Ahab, resulting in the confrontation between the prophets of Baal and the prophet of God, Elijah, which took place on Mount Carmel.

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Israel Study Expeditions
The 7-10 day Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE] is designed for anyone who is seeking personal freedom to live in new dimensions of intimacy with God. Come to the silence of the Wilderness where we learn to hear God’s voice, to hike among the historical sites, and swim in the desert springs where God is our teacher.

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